Pre-Race Excitements

Big V Race No. 2 is days away so this week is all about being prepared (physically and mentally) for the race.

A Dilemma

I have two races over two consecutive weekends and they are both roughly the same distance.

Actually City2Sea is a good 3K longer than this weeks trail run but what is 3000 meters between friends, we are talking about an extra 15 or so minutes worth of exertion.

The dilemma is present because I am hoping to run the Temple Of Boom in either the same time or a few minutes quicker the the first Big V run, yet I really wanted to set a super quick 15K PB at City2Sea since the course is on tarmac and is relatively flat (heck it might even be downhill in places).

After some deep contemplation and (maybe more importantly) looking at the qualification times for a better start group at City2Sea, I have realised that as long as I get around somewhere between the 1:20/1:30 mark, then I will be able to set a good PB for the course and distance and get myself into a better starting pen for 2017.

This Is Good

This is good because I really want to try and improve my time over the Big V series (which is itself will be a challenge as the weather is getting warmer) and not all the courses are the same, but there in lies the fun, right? It is not as if the next 2 races in the series are SkyRaces or anything, I am not required to run up any mountains, I think there is real potential to get my 12K into the sub 64 minute territory, on trails.

A Sticky-Beak

Preparation is key, so I got the missus to do our usual trails thing and abandon me somewhere so that I can run home again. I ran half the course (the trickier part) but in reverse and got a pretty good idea for what is in store this Sunday.


What I Learnt

The key to this run is going to be the hill climb at K7 (the second downhill part on my run). We are not talking much here, about 40 meters over a kilometre but after that hill there is a great downhill section before hitting the river trail which is narrow and a little rooted in places, but is none-the-less a good opportunity to be quick.

If anything the final 100 meters are going to feel the toughest but make for some great finishes as we run slightly up hill and over grass to the Manorhouse finish line.

At my last race, after an overly quick initial 3K and a bit of a slow middle section I managed complete with an average pace of around 5:35/K. I know I can maintain a pace of around 5:30 on the hills around Warrandyte, so it is going to be a case of simply pacing myself properly. If I can keep enough fuel in the tank for the 7K hill climb to keep me on pace I can potentally shave some time off on the descent and maybe take a good minute off my overall time.

Wanna Come Play?

There is still time to enter this race, so if you are reading this and you are local enough to NE Melbourne  and fancy coming along for the run, then follow this link to get full details.

Bring on Sunday!

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