The long road….

It has been a long time since I have written something here.

2015/16 were awesome running years, I ran marathons, vertical kilometers, deserts, mountains and a variety fo races.

But then I overdid it and I am only now beginning to get back to somewhere close to where I was before.

Going from a 20-40K range to less than 5K and building back up again is tough and a slow process but I still have a love of mud, of the trails, of running because one can… it is just taking a little longer to get there than it used to.

By now I expected to have a sub 4 hour marathon, an ultra under my belt and a whole heap of other little goals, but that is not where I am.

So where am I?

I have the first of four trail runs in two weeks – the North Face Trail Series and I have entered the middle distance on all and I am thinking about attempting the Marysville Marathon again – see if I can get my time down to less than 5 hours on the mountain.

The Muddy Masochist is back and will be blogging his running once again. Here’s to the trail!

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