Run Larapinta 2018

After 4+ months of training the week of weeks has finally arrived.

On Wednesday (15th) we (Sandi and I) fly up to Alice Springs and after two days of acclimatiasation, the four day/ four stage adventure begins.

With over 1000 kilometres clocked up since the beginning of April, including a 6-hour event in May and a number of high-mileage back-to-back-to-back runs, coupled with some quality speedwork.

My Kathmandu 12L Zeolite Running Vest, has been run tested and adjusted to the point where it is now comfortable to run with and the Saucony Peregrines are now nice and broken in and I think will perform well in the Red Centre – they are definitely light and grippy and good on technical trails.

Sugarloaf Reservoir and Christmas Hills with #Getitdone Club

Today, I did my last big exertion before the stage race, a 30K run around Sugarloaf and One Tree Hill, followed up by a 20K cycle back to Warrandyte.



The weather was perfect for today’s run and I think you will admit that at the 27K mark, we all still looked pretty fresh – definietly a good omen for the week ahead.

A busy two days

But life continues for the next two days and now we have to desperately balance our work/life balance with the necessary prep for going away for 10 days (clean, do washing, buy any mandatory kit I still need).

I almost feel that thinking about the prep I need to do before we go is tougher than doing the run.

Future posts

Alice Springs and the MacDonnel Ranges are going to be stunning so I may have to resurect my instagram account for the duration of my adventure into the Red Centre, I will keep you posted.


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