Mixing it up: What I learned at the gym this week

The problem with being a member of a modern, commercial gym is that they tend to canvas their members to spend more money at the gym. So, this week my gym offered me a free personal training session – obviously hoping I would then sign up for more and part with my money. Well, I did and hopefully these freshly purchased PT sessions will inspire and revitalise my gym sessions. But this post isn’t about that.

I’ve never done a PT session before. I know the basics – some sadistica fitness professional forces you to work beyond your perceived limit. Quite appealing to the muddy masochist. So I had some idea as to what I was letting myself in for.

Things what I learned:

1) TRX is fun
Who would have that that a giant elastic band that allows you to do body resistance work would be fun – well it is. If your gym has a TRX class I recommend you try it out.

2) I can row quite fast. – 200 meters in 39 seconds – get in!

3)If a PT asks you if you have any questions about any specific pieces of equipment – never give them an honest answer.

“So”, he says. “Is there any particular piece of equipment you enjoy or you have any questions about?”
“Well”, says I. “I was shown how to do Russian Twists but I am unsure of the technique and wouldn’t mind a few pointers and I quite like rowing but, again, I think I need to work on my technique.”

Result: a training circuit that involved sprint rowing – which was quite fun and kettle bell work which is quite scary – never wanna get the technique wrong when performing a Kettle Bell Swing – and generally leaves one quite sore the next day.

Still a 5 mile jog this evening loosened everything right up.

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