Running hot and cold

It’s finally beginning to feel like I’ve got my running mojo back. Two 5 mile runs, two days in a row – something I haven’t done for what seems like months, and it felt good – I managed to shave about a minute off my run last night.

A similar thing happened to me last year, in France in May – unbelievably hot weather – running suffered, but come the Autumn my running picked up pace and frequency once again. I’ve arrived at the conclusion that I am a human mushroom! I like it cool and damp. The forecast for August is promising, temperatures beginning to dip into the low 20s with some showers – more favorable conditions for me and in good time too with a Half Marathon at the end of September and 2 weeks in Japan prior to that I need August to get as much training as is mushroomly possible. However, this recent weather has presented a dilemma.

If this spate of stinkingly hot weather that has assaulted the UK over the last month is a product of global warming and is, alarmingly, going to become a more regular occurrence, then I need to either find a way to run in the heat, which will bode well if I want to run the Badwater 100 (thanks to my favorite US ultrarunner this badboy has made it onto my running bucket list).

Although, maybe runners should have an Ortholist – a list of things to achieve before one needs Orthopedic assistance to walk up the stairs.

Either I learnt to run in hot conditions – could mean a nice long holiday in a hot country, I’m sure the missus will be game for that. Or I become a Snow chaser – spend my years migrating between hemispheres, chasing the Winter – improving my chances of running in a cool damp climate all year round.

Of course it would be cheaper and, ultimately, more productive to simply get used to the heat.


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