An evolving fitness challenge

Once upon a time, there was a runner, beardy runner and all that beardy dreamed about was running. Running all day, all the time. 5 to 6 miles a day, 6 days a week and beardy was happy human. And then beardy begun to read. Cross training, what is that? well it sounds like lots of fun, beardy thought. Then one day beardy moved and his cycle journey to and from work got longer. After some time, beardy began to work at other places as well, and his cycle got longer still…. Some days, beardy would cycle 12 miles each way and after that day beardy was tired, too tired to run.

Sometimes, when beardy was too tired to run, he would go for a swim. Beardy liked swimming, it has been said that beardy might, actually, be part fish – although which part he is not sure.

So sometimes beardy ran, when he was working he cycled and when he was too tired to run, he swam. Hmm. thought beardy. Why don’t I do triathalons. I already run, bike and swim. Wouldn’t it be grand to see if I can do all three, at the same time.

And so beardy looked into it and although beardy can swim, he cannot do front crawl and his upper body strenght is very very poor. So beardy looked at getting a personal trainer who intrroduced him to the rower. And now, poor beardy has more fitness goals than he knows what to do with and not enough hours in the day to act on all of it. What is a beadry to do?

So. that’s why I’ve been quiet on the blog front. Too pooped to write. Running is still my main drive – i’ve picked up an additional race – the Royal Parks Half Marathon, a week after Ealing – so Ealing has evolved into a training from for RP – I still think I can smash my HM PB, my fitness should allow it which means the new goal is to not only run a sub 2hr HM but to maintain the time for RP a week later.

I am also trying to crack 300meters in less than a minute on the indoor rower, I’ve got to 288meters so I am only a few strokes off. Of course, once i break it, the challenge then becomes to maintain and improve on that distance/time.

One thought on “An evolving fitness challenge

  1. You might really enjoy the triathlons if you are already running, swimming and biking anyway. I’ve been sidelined after a bike accident. I doubt I’ll ever bike again but hope to get back to running some day.

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